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January 23, 2023: New CSU Chapter!
Posted by AC

Hey everyone!

There's a new chapter of Life Renewed!

Sorry about the bouncing around between stories, but I'm trying to get the timeline resynced! I just posted Chapter Ten of Life Renewed, which locks in the story to the timeline at the end of Memories Part Three. There's going to be at least one more chapter appearing fairly shortly, as I still need to get the story past the events of Memories 3, Chapter 46. Once that's done, then I can get back to CSV-DSM, and then the base is set to move forward. If everything goes well, another chapter of Brotherhood of Love will sneak in the mix somewhere soon too!

Thank you for being patient; 2022 was a real mess for finding writing time, I'm really hoping 2023 is better!

I hope you all enjoy the new chapter, and wish all of you a safe 2023!



Bent and Twisted
January 22, 2023: -toy soldiers
Posted by MultiMapper


"What do you think we should be afraid of right now?"

"I don't know what you have to be afraid of, but if I were going to guess, I'd say that you should be afraid of losing your nerve. It's something that's real, that could happen, and that you have complete control over. When it's something like that, you have to own it."

"Yeah. It took a lot of courage for me to say that I'd help run cargo for the Federation fleet on the front line. It's probably the bravest thing that I've ever done. Even if I never do another brave thing in my entire life, I can always look back on this and say 'I did that'."

"Just think about how many people go through their entire lives without ever feeling that even once. You've already outdone each and every one of them. You've proven that you can be brave."

"What about you Vincent? I know that your situation is a lot different from mine. What are you afraid of?"

"Not doing enough."

UA7 - Chapter 57, has been posted in the Universe Alpha 7 section for your reading pleasure. Enjoy! MM

Shack OutBack
January 20, 2023: Imagine Magazine's January Issue (And more...)
Posted by Comicality

Greetings to one and all tonight! :)

As many of you know, I've been extremely ill over the past two weeks, so my apologies if my presence online has been minimal at best. Trust me, nothing about it has been fun for me at all, and even now I'm forcing myself to get things back in working order again. I know some of you don't care (When is the next story coming out, bitch! Hehehe!), and I'm cool with that. The silence is deafening. But, for the rest of you, I just wanted to let you know that I'm ok, and I'm doing better than I was. Cool?

Keeping this short...a brand new issue of Imagine Magazine is now up and ready for you guys to check out and enjoy. Be sure to click that 'Up Vote' button at the bottom of every article and story to let the folks that worked so hard on their additions to this month's issue know that you appreciate them. K? We're one step closer to our milestone 100th issue! A huge feat since our reboot back in August of 2018 with issue #39! Who would have thought such a thing would be possible, right?


Have fun, you guys! Enjoy!

Right now, I'm working on stuff to fix the whole ebook situation. frustrating. Basically, I'll be resubmitting a few ebooks that have suddenly be 'blocked' for some unknown reason and without warning, or they've been 'suppressed' (Whatever the hell THAT means! That's a new one) so certain ebooks were available in some markets but not others. So I'll be working to resubmit them this weekend, and they should hopefully be available by then, k? Links will be provided or changed in the ebook section, and I'll send word when that's all possible.


Huge thanks to anyone who donated a few bucks to the account, as it helps to keep me afloat during hard times, and allows me to keep the whole website and almost all of my stories FREE for your entertainment! I love you lots for the help and the support! I couldn't do this without you guys!

Alright, I'm going to have myself some soup now, right out of the can, hehehe. And then I'm going to lay down for a bit and get some rest. Maybe get a movie in before I pass out completely. But take care. Thanks for your patience while I stayed in bed and tried to avoid another doctor bill (Even with insurance...those visits aren't cheap! Yikes! I wish I was just independently wealthy! What would life be like, you know?)

Love you! And I'll see ya sooner than later! Take care!




"I wanna be the best who ever did it. Don't know if that goal is feasible or it isn't. But if it is, then God, if you're listening...please, give me the strength to crush ALL competition! You can't blame me for dreaming, I'm a dreamer! And if I'm coming off brash, please, forgive me! But that's all I want! I just wanna be the illest MC! That's all I want! At the same time, be as real as can be!" -Eminem

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January 19, 2023: Voyagers' Anniversary Coming
Posted by Zarek Dragon

If TrueFan were still around, he would want to make an announcement about Voyagers' 6th Anniversary, which is THIS Saturday. To celebrate, Book III Chapter One will be made live. It's been written and edited, and we already have it in place. We look forward to hearing what you think of the new chapter.


The Story Lover's Home
January 13, 2023: Hedley Hollow
Posted by The Story Lover

'Goos' PNG

Dear Readers,

Brynmor of The Annex has brought us a new story Hedley Hollow part of the Hedley Hollow Universe.

Please don't forget to let Brynmor know your thoughts on his new story.

Happy Reading,


AC's Corner Cafe
January 12, 2023: Better late than never!
Posted by AC

Happy New Year, all - as I'm trying to dig myself out from under moving boxes, we had a little surprise arrive on the Cafe!

Brynmor has added a new story to his library - "Hedley Hollow", and he has given the okay to allow it to be co-hosted here on the Cafe!

Chapter 1 is live now, and from this point on it will update as soon as he posts on the Annex. I get to see it in-progress, and I requested to co-host it before the story was even named. Stand by for a thrilling ride; he's just getting started on this one!

Have a great year!



True's Fandom
January 12, 2023: January 11th Updates
Posted by D Barber

It's time for the first Update Post of the new Year. To start things off we have Ch 70-72 of Three Finger Cove Book 6 by Chowhound. We also have some updates from The Lonely Kitten, with Ch 1-2 of A Brand New Start and Ch 1 of The Prophecy of Ascrya. There is also updates from DouglasDD as well with Ch 21 of Emerald City Boys and Ch 9 of Mayfield Magic. Finally, we have multiple updates from the Voyagers Authors as they End book 2 with Ch 31 of Voyagers Book 2 and Start Book 3 with The Cover Page and Synopsis of Book 3 as well as the SS Sooloo Ship Specs and Duty Rosters for Earth, SS Soolo, SS Endurance, SS Stephen William Hawking, SS Endurance, and SS Darastix and the SS Joseph Hooker. Check back soon for more updates.

January 3, 2023: Too many emails...
Posted by JeffsFort

Hi Everyone!

Wanted to send out a quick message to those of you who have reached out to me regarding a few community issues, to return the holiday wishes, and to inform of delayed projects and give the excuses you have all grown accustomed to ;) My inbox is just getting overloaded so we will do all in one! I'll add a couple of people who I would like to at least see this message as well.
First of all, many have emailed regarding the previous hacking of a handful of our hosting sites. Yes, that threat is in the rearview mirror now so, go ahead and stand down from alert status. It was never us specificly that was under attack, which was a bit of a relief once we realized it. It was a service our hosting software utiilized being attacked and through them, us. The designer of our hosting software quickly got on the issue and many headaches later, we are rock solid again and hopefully will be out of harms way for a while ;) Thanks for looking out for us and thanks Akeentia for all your hard work. It could not be more appreciated!
I do want to thank those of you who have emailed their well wishes regarding the passing of community site owner and author TrueFan (aka: A True Fan, Lenny) toward the end of November and over the holidays. His health had been declining for quite some time yet, the news really knocked the wind out of our sails for a time. A special thanks to Zarek Dragon for relaying the news to us as over the years, the passing of an online friend far too often means that person simply vanishes with no explanation. To calm many of the concerned messages I've received, no, the site ( is not going to be closed as a result. We will be discussing potential caretakers or a new owner to carry the legacy of the original owner into the future. D Barber has done an amazing job managing announcements on the site as he has done elsewhere within our community as well. That coupled with the "Self Hosting" nature of our site software, the site will continue on it's path with very little intervention needed. We have a couple of ideas solidifying but are in no rush to see any changes made.
"Commander Kid" - I am not sure how to address the messages that have been coming in regarding reaching nearly a year since the last chapter of this story had been posted. The easy answer would be that I do have more than half of the next chapter done and do occasionally add a few words here and there or update the notes and outline I work from but, that is only part of the story. Yes, I have every intention of continuing that story. I have just been so overloaded with work, and family issues, and hosting issues, okay, just overall stress... that I can't take my brain out of the here and now and focus on the events of our very young Commander aboard the Starship "Chuck" LOL! These hurdles have always been my achilles heel but once the floodgates reopen, the wave is usually big. Well, historically that has been the case anyway ;) Get ready though, when we pick it back up we will be heading down a road of no return for our main characters. I'm excited and pretty anxious about the path they will be on soon. I'd give you more info but, that would be cheating ;)
Anyway, thanks to all of you who went out of your way to reach out and to those of you I added to the reply list for being a part of this community. This year marks 19 years for the community itself, 27 years of existence at in some form or another, both numbers just absolutely mind blowing to me. I'll do my best to share some of my focus with my own writing but know that my distraction is usually caused by keeping the community up and running physically. Too many hats maybe, ADHD most like.... um... Oooohhhh... Comicality posted a new chapter ;)
- Jeff
Shack OutBack
January 3, 2023: Happy New Year! :)
Posted by Comicality

I wanted to stop by really quick and wish you guys a very happy new year! 2023 is here, and it's the perfect time to get rid of any old garbage or toxic issues that you might have picked up over the past year and start all over again from scratch! The best part of life is knowing that you can always hit a reset button and be born anew if you really feel like you're ready. So I wish you guys the best!

I, personally, plan to ramp things up a lot and double down on my new year's resolutions from last year! I definitely took my shot, but I think I can do it better! So be prepared to be entertained! Hehehe!

That being said...a brand new chapter of the series, "A Home For Christmas" is now up on the site and waiting for you guys! an added bonus, I can tell you that this is the first part of the LAST three chapters of the story! Yes, it is complete now, and I've already sent the full story in for publishing in the Comicality Ebook section! ( I'm just waiting for the green light and a link to send you guys, and you can read the entire re-edited series from beginning to end right away! :)

However, if you want to just read it on the site or anywhere else, I'll be posting chapters 9, 10, and 11, every other week until it's finished there as well! Cool? Starting tonight with chapter 9! So check it out, and let me know what you think by leaving me a quick comment or hitting that 'like' button! I'd appreciate it a lot! And if you don't want to wait, stay tuned for that quick link to the rest of the ebook!

(A Home For Christmas @ SHACKOUTBACK.NET)

Thanks so much for the ebook purchases this month, and for helping to support the site! And MAJOR hugs to a few of you who made a couple of donations to the account, which made for an awesome Christmas present! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You guys make all of this possible, and more than worthwhile! Love you lots! :)

I've gotta go! It's almost time for the countdown! But expect to see a lot more of me in 2023! I'll be around! Hehehehe!

Seezya soon! And no matter what you're going through...this is the time to wipe the slate clean and become even stronger for it. K? Stay beautiful! And love always!




"The chief beauty about time is that you cannot waste it in advance. The next year, the next day, the next hour are lying ready for you, as perfect, as unspoiled, as if you had never wasted or misapplied a single moment in all your life. You can turn over a new leaf every hour if you choose." -Arnold Bennett

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January 1, 2023: Happy 2023
Posted by The Story Lover

'Goos' PNG

I wish all of you a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!

Happy New Year Heart PNG

For those of that like some sizzle in your New Year:

Happy New Year 2023 PNG
Happy Reading,



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