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January 18, 2021: Welcome Back Dewey
Posted by The Story Lover

The Café is very happy to announce that the author Dewey, also know as Dewey Writer has come out of retirement and is back writing.

So, stay tuned for more of his work.

TSL for ACFan who is buried under work and Real-Life!

The Story Lover's Home
January 18, 2021: I Have A Dream, Martin Luther King 1929 -1968
Posted by The Story Lover

'Goos' PNG

Dear Readers,

Today is a very important day in the history of the United States Of America, and the world. Today we celebrate the birthday of a true hero, one whose life was cut way too short. Born: Michael King Jr, January 15, 1929, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. Died:April 4, 1968, Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.

The Time PNG

"I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."  — Martin Luther King, Jr. / "I Have A Dream" speech, August 28, 1963. Unfortunately, that dream has't come to fruition yet, and it is up to all of us that it does, and sooner rather than later!

Martin Luther King believed and lived by the principles of Non Violence espoused by Mahatma Ghandi, which he codified in his famous Letter from Birmingham Jail, King eloquently spelled out his theory of non-violence: "Nonviolent direct action seeks to create such a crisis and foster such a tension that a community, which has constantly refused to negotiate, is forced to confront the issue."

Darkness PNG

So, please remember LOVE is always more powerful than hate!

Take care and spread the love,


Shack OutBack
January 10, 2021: *Miles To Go* Series Completed!
Posted by Comicality

Happy Saturday, one and all! :)

I've got a lot of typing to do, so I'll be saving some of my finger strength by making this another quickie! Hehehe! But we've got good things going on for the new year, and can hopefully make 2021 the awesome year that I was hoping 2020 would be! Hehehe! So let's keep hitting that reset button and get back on task, shall we?

First off, the final chapter of the "Shelter" prequel, "Miles To Go", has been posted on the site now! Previously unreleased! So head on over and check it out, and let me know what you think when you get a chance! K? Preston Miles is one of the favorite characters for many fans of the "Shelter" series, and now you've got five chapters worth of backstory for him to bring you guys into the fold about who he is and where he came from. So give it a read! (Miles To Go)

And, of course, the first three completed ebooks are available on Amazon, with a fourth coming up next weekend! The stories of Walker, Preston, Donovan, Officer Logan and his son Spencer, and Sonny, are all detailed in the prequels! So, if you /haven't/ read "Shelter" the prequels first! ("Safehaven" and "Release Me" to continue in the next few weeks!) But, even if you have read the "Shelter" series so far, there are plenty of Easter Eggs waiting in these stories for you as well! Either way, you get to have a lot of fun! K?

Check out the other stories in the 'Shelter-Verse' for an added bonus to the story! "Walker Road", "Rotting Apples", "Safehaven", and "Release Me", on the site! And the first three books have been re-edited and are available as ebooks if you like in the Comicality ebook section! So, if you want the 'Director's Cut' versions of these mini-series, that's where you'll find them all! Have fun!


Also, after a long hiatus...I've got a whole BUNCH of new articles on erotic writing for you guys, based on all of the tricks of the trade that I've learned over the years being 'Comicality' online! Hehehe! So check out the 'Writing Tips' section on GayAuthors to get a glimpse behind the scenes and maybe start writing stories of your own someday soon! New articles every Saturday! So check 'em out! And thanks to Myr and Cia and everyone at GA for keeping me going for so long! Love you lots!

Tonight, I'm having another one of my MASSIVE email marathons! I'll be trying to get back to as many of you as humanly possible tonight, and I hope to talk to you soon! Now I usually answer emails in giant blocks, putting them into my 'draft' folder, and then I might send them out 50 emails at a time! So, if you start getting ten to fifteen alerts on your phone or laptop or whatever...that's why. :P I'll be answering a LOT tonight! And I apologize if it's been a while! But between the pandemic, the stories, the holidays, and the fact that my entire /country/ seems to be falling apart at the's been difficult for me to get in the right frame of mind to enter 'Comsie-Mode'. I hope you understand. And I appreciate your patience. K?

That's it for now! Have fun! And I'll seezya soon!

OH! And I'll be going by the Shack's 'Hot Tub' chatroom on Discord tonight for shits and giggles! So feel free to join us if you want! I should be there around 9 PM EST if you want to stop by and say hello! It'll be good to talk to you! Or to maybe meet you for the first time. Whatever, it'll be fun! :) Hope to see you there!


"Temper us in fire, and we grow stronger. When we suffer, we survive." -*Cassandra Clare*

True's Fandom
January 8, 2021: January 8th Updates
Posted by D Barber

Before I start with the updates, I hope everyone had a good New Years and I am also hoping this year is starting off well for you. To start things off we have Ch 21-22 of Mayfield Titans by DouglasDD. Next, we have Ch 8 of Life Renewed – Revised by ACFan as well as Chapters 24-26 of Book 6 of Three Finger Cove by Chowhound. Myke D. brings us Ch 7 of Ace - Artificial Intelligence and Ch 26 of The Legends of Blood – Part 3. To finish off the updates we have Ch 32 of Dante My Inferno by BillyYes. Check back soon for more updates.

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January 6, 2021: *After Practice 2* Is Up!!! :)
Posted by Comicality

Happy early Wednesday, you guys! At least...I think it's Wednesday. I' on panademic/insomniac it's been like one long day since March. Does it even matter anymore? Hehehe!

Anyway, this is just a quickie to thank you all for the huge response to the first chapter of the new story, "After Practice"! And to tell you that chapter two has now been posted! So go on over and check it out, and let me know what you think when you get a chance! K?

(After Practice)

I'll be having another one of my email marathons on Saturday of this week! So I'll be responding to a bunch of your emails soon! I look forward to it!

Seezya soon! And stay beautiful! :)


"We cannot decide to love. We cannot compel anyone to love us. There's no secret recipe, only love itself. And we are at its mercy--there's nothing we can do." -*Nina George*

Shack OutBack
January 5, 2021: Happy New Year!!! ::Kicks 2020 Out Of My Life::
Posted by Comicality

2020 is FINALLY gone! Thank God!!! Hehehe!

To be honest, looking back on wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Frustraiting? Yes! Sad? Definitely! But we're all human...we adapt, we protect ourselves and the ones we love to the best of our ability, and we look forward to brighter days. It's like...'survival-101', you know? I look forward to things turning around in the near future. So I wish you guys well! Light at the end of the tunnel and all that jazz! :P

I also want to thank you for hanging in there with me while I spent Christmas weekend and New Years weekend with my family, and just taking a much needed break to recharge the battery. I need that every now and then. So I hope you guys are all caught up! It'll be fun to get back to the fun stuff!

That effort starts again tonight! With a brand new chapter of "Left Without Words"! It's up and ready to go! So follow Shane and Dimitry as they work their way around whatever obstacles might be standing in the way of their potentially happy ending! Check it out! And let me know what you think in the comments! It'll be awesome to hear what you think, even if you're starting the series for the very first time!

(Left Without Words)

The next issue of Imagine Magazine is in the works (, and should be up on the 15th of January! So if you've got stuff to send us, give it a polish and get it in as soon as you can! It's our first issue of 2021, so let's make it a special one! :)

Big thanks to all of you guys who grabbed some ebooks recently! Sales are already up this month, and that's helping out like you wouldn't believe! So thanks to you all! And look for more to come in the Comicality Ebook Section soon! (

That's it for now! Looking forward to a great year! I know I said that about 2020, but about two months in...that kinda got put on hold! Hehehe! So let's hit the reset button and try again, shall we? :P

Keep your heads up! Stay beautiful! Stay SAFE! And I'll seezya soon!


"There are two main predictions for the future; it’s either appealing or appalling.An appealing future is created by people who identify their real values in life and believe in what they can do." -*Israelmore Ayivor*

Brynmor's Annex
January 2, 2021: 1 Million Total Views for the Annex
Posted by Brynmor

Today the Annex has reached:

One Million Total Views for the stories contained on the site.



To all the Authors for your great content, 

And to our Readers for reading with us at The Annex!

Thank You


The Story Lover's Home
January 1, 2021: Welcome To A New Year
Posted by The Story Lover

"Goos' PNG

Dear Readers and Authors,

Welcome to a brand New Year Welcome 2021

I would like to wish all of you a year filled with Peace and Serenity:Peace And Serenity PNG

My New Year's Resolution is simple to be the Best that I can be, and to do the best that I can, in whatever I attempt!


Happy Reading,


Brynmor's Annex
January 1, 2021: Chapter Detected !
Posted by Brynmor

Happy New Year




"Chapter Eight: Beware the Dragon" from Life Renewed


As We begin the new year the best thing someone posted on a billboard today says it all. 


First new rule of 2021,

We don't speak of 2020!


However, as this year draws to a close. We must remember even at six feet apart to stick together to make it through.

Let our hearts guide us through everything going on in our world.

Remember to care for others. But don't forget you must take care of yourself as well.

Remember a Mask isn't just for Halloween, but to help keep everyone safe.


AC's Corner Cafe
January 1, 2021: Happy New Year!
Posted by AC

To finish off the year, I couldn't resist one last chapter!

Life Renewed, Chapter Eight: Beware the Dragon is now live for your viewing pleasure, and I promise, there are no dragons involved! (Virtual fire-breathing twins, on the other hand...)

From all of us at the Cafe, we wish each and every one of you a safe and happy New Year 2021!



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