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August 7, 2020: August 7th Updates
Posted by D Barber

Its time once again for updates. To start things off we have Ch 2-3 of Book 6 of Three Finger Cove by Chowhound.  Next is Ch 25 of Mending Wounded Hearts by Jules Porter and Ch 19 of Book 4 of Still Another Chance by Zarek Dragon. We also Have a Societal Commentary titled Are Fictional Characters Real? by The Story Lover. Boudreaux brings us Four updates to his stories with Ch 23 of Flea Market Sausage, Ch 5 of Gifts, Ch 14 of Fantasy Faire and Ch 10 of Lagniappe. To finish off the updates for this week we have Ch 42 of Memories Pt 3 from ACFan, Ch 25 of Waiting Outside the Lines by Comicality, and Ch 10 of Mayfield Titans by DouglassDD. Hope everyone has a great week and I’ll be back soon with more updates.

AC's Corner Cafe
August 6, 2020: Incoming Chapter Overload!
Posted by AC

Just when you thought it was safe to go back and refresh yourself on back chapters, me and our favorite Cajun, Boudreaux, decided to hit you with all barrels!

Boudreaux broke out his swamp buggy, dropping off new chapters for FOUR different stories in one day!

Not to be left out, I happened to have Memories Part III, Chapter 42 ready for the final read-through, so I gave it one last review, and set it loose! There was lots more happening at the party in the previous chapter, and this chapter follows along as Tracy and Karl prove just how much mischief they can cause if left unsupervised! I promise a few twists and turns, but you'll be smiling when it is done!




August 5, 2020: Happy August!
Posted by Boudreaux

Here's some new chapters to read while you hide from the heat. Assuming you're from the Northern Hemisphere, that is.  Hope you enjoy them.  Lots of family bonding in Gifts, Lagniappe, Fantasy Faire, and Flea Market Sausage.

Shack OutBack
August 4, 2020: *Waiting Outside The Lines* Is Back!
Posted by Comicality

It's 7:30 in the morning, I'm under self quarantine, and I've got nothing to do for the rest of the day! Time to start day drinking! LOL!

Don't you judge me! I know you've been doing it too! Hahaha!

Anyway, a brand new chapter of "Waiting Outside The Lines" has just been posted! And don't any of you DARE tell Greyson Chance that I've been writing about him! ::Giggles:: That would be RUDE! :P Let me know what you think! And give me my big smile for the day! I could sure use a couple of those right now.

( & discussions are at

Also, the ebook situation with Amazon is getting worked out. If you were unable to get the "Daydreams & Lullabyes: Volume Two" collection...try it now, and it should work! Also, the 'Table Of Contents' links should work now. So if you grabbed a copy before, you should be able to download the newest update for free. Which makes for an easier read, and it was what I was trying to do from the very beginning! MASSIVE thanks to Pete for helping me out with that!

Also...big hugs and thanks go out to those of you who donated to the Paypal account this week! ( Love you lots for that! Every penny helps! And I'll keep working hard to make it worth your while. I's been 22 years now! It's not like I'm gonna stop! LOL!

Before I go, I wanted to let you know that I really DO miss you guys an awful lot! And I will be scheduling a few chatroom sessions for next weekend so I can link up and talk to you guys again in real time! I know that I usually just drop into the chatroom unannounced most of the time, and it's usually in the middle of the night with no warning. But, if you missed me, I'd really like to talk to you in the near future. I'll try to have two sessions if I can. One for people here in the States or close by, and another for fans who live overseas. I'll try to work out the time difference between now and then, but...I'm a die hard insomniac, so I'm sure I'll be able to do both. Hehehe! So stay tuned to this mailing list, spread the word, and I hope to see you guys soon! The Hot Tub Chatroom can be found here... (

Seezya soon! And more emails are coming! So look for those too!


"Young love is a flame; very pretty, often very hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. The love of the older and disciplined heart is as coals, deep-burning, unquenchable." -*Henry Ward Beecher*

The Story Lover's Home
August 4, 2020: A Light In The Darkness
Posted by The Story Lover

Goos Gif

Dear Readers,

This is just a quick message to shine some light in your darkness:

A Light In The Darkness PNG

I hope that you all are staying safe and healthy!

Also thanks to Jeff P. it is now easier to email authors, their email link is now very visible at the top of every chapter.

Happy reading,


Shack OutBack
August 2, 2020: *Agenda 21* Gets its newest update...
Posted by Comicality

My apologies for keeping this announcement super short. I don't mean to come off as unfriendly or family and I are just dealing with some serious issues right now. So please be patient with me for the next few days, k?

Life is good. Just...hard sometimes...

A new chapter of the 'man made apocalypse' thriller, "Agenda 21" has been posted this morning, and is now available for you guys to read. So run on over and give it a look. K?

Also, I really REALLY want to thank you guys who have given me ratings and comments on Amazon for the ebooks! You have no idea how much that helps my stories get noticed on such a giant platform! Thank you! Just a few free minutes of your time makes my life infinitely better! So thanks for that.

K...I've gotta go. See you later...


Shack OutBack
July 31, 2020: *New Kid In School 65* Gets Posted!
Posted by Comicality

It is a wonderful Friday evening tonight, and I hope it finds you all in a good mood! ((Hugz))

Really quick...I wanted to let you guys know that a brand new chapter of "New Kid In School" was just posted tonight! So run on by and check it out whenever you get a chance! And don't forget to let me know what you think when you get a chance! It's always good to hear something from you guys! ((Hugz))


( & discussions are at

Also, the new question went up for a future issue of Imagine Magazine! So if you want to put your two cents in and join the rest of us in the discussion feel free to reply on the Shack Forum ( or on the Comicality Cafe (, and share your knowledge and feelings with us! Also, anonymous answers are welcome at if you like, just let me know not to add your name to it. K? Can't wait to see what you have to say!

Last thing...

So...while I've been trying to get all of the kinks worked out with some of the ebooks in the Comicality Ebook Section (, it is still not working for everybody. This isn't a problem on our side, but more with Amazon and whatever their doing over there. (Whew! It's not my fault this time like it usually is! Hehehe!) I'll be looking into it more this weekend, and if push comes to shove, I've still got all of the edited text and files in their entirety, and the book covers, etc! So I might just republish them from scratch and see if it works that way! Cool? My apologies for the weirdness. I'm working on it! With a little help from my friends! :)

That's all folks! Take care, and I'll seezya soon with more!

Love always! And stay safe!


"I am tired of hiding and I am tired of lying by omission...I suffered for years because I was scared to be out. I'm here today because I am gay." -*Ellen Page*

July 31, 2020: My Quarantine - Day 104
Posted by JeffsFort

One hundred and four frickin' days!

Yeah, I'm really beginning to have trouble registering the passage of time at this point. Each day just bleeds into the next. Maintaining a normal sleep schedule is difficult and apparently pointless. I mean I wake up late and...I'm late for what exactly? Right, late to be awake for a few hours before logging in and working for a few hours. You know, at the same desk I spend the rest of my time at when I'm not working. I've been dying for the weekend to come so I won't have to work but, it's not like I was planning to actually do anything. Whatever, lol!

Today, I was looking through the long list of things in my watch later list that I keep passing over. You may have these in your list if you are like me. Things that you intend to watch later but, keep passing over because they are too long and you don't want to spend that much time watching a YouTube video; so instead you watch 10 five minute videos instead of that 1 twenty minute video. The logic can't be argued! Anyway, I have a ton of stuff that has been collecting dust in "watch later" and I just decided I'm watching the oldest one RIGHT NOW! It is the continuation of a really stupid video from YouTube's pre-Google days when stupid was new. LMAO, as if there was ever a time. Make a coffee and watch this one. I promise you will laugh and feel so much dumber afterward ;)

Note: Evidently there is a two-part finalé on their channel for this "Gem", don't want to miss that. :D

Shack OutBack
July 31, 2020: Time For Some *Aural Sex*! :P
Posted by Comicality

Happy Wednesday, folks!

Very quickly, just wanted to throw a few things out there...

The Daydream Short story, "Aural Sex" has been posted on the site today! So, if you haven't checked it out yet, feel free to do so at your earliest convenience, and let me know what you think! Cool?


Also, big thanks for the newest purchases from the Comicality Ebook section! ( It really does help out like you wouldn't believe, and you guys have made my day! Mwah! Love you too! And there's more to come! (Currently looking into a glitch with some titles which are making them unavailable. *Crosses Fingers*)

And...the ComicalityShack YouTube channel, as of today, has 666 subscribers! Hehehe! ::Spooky Twilight Zone Music Plays In The Background:: Creepy! THANKS for subscribing! And look for more stuff in the near future!


Alright! I've gotta fly! Seezya on Friday!

Up, up, and Awaaaaayyyyyy.....!!!


"the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." -*Roald Dahl*


July 31, 2020: Happy Birthday ACFan!!
Posted by JeffsFort

Please join us and the entire Fort Family as we celebrate ACFan's 105th birthday. Um... No, his 15th birthday, ...that can't be right... LOL!

As you all know, ACFan has been one of the pillars that has supported the Fort Family and makes it all possible for these sites to continue hosting all the stories that we all love. Without him, we wouldn't have one of the biggest, longest, and wildest collaborations on the net and we would definitely be way more bored right now :)

So Happy Birthday ACFan! May you enjoy 105 more... or um... yeah. LOL!

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