Fort Family Sites:

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AC's Corner Café

  • This site is hosted by ACFan author of Memories and Creator of the Clan Short Universe.
  • The site is home to many authors and their stories.

The Story Lover's Home

  • Home of the Dragon Earl Universe
  • Charter member of the Fort Family

Gary's Garden

  • The foundation on which the Fort Family was built,
  • Gary's Garden is the home of Gary Q's original stories:
  • Patient John Doe, My Carl, My Flock and From Hell to Aunt Marge's.

Jeff's Fort 

  • Jeff'sFort is the home of original "Fort Family/Clan Short Universe" stories such as Sentenced to Life, Dear Diary, Flight of the Destiny, A Penny on the Train Tracks and many more...

Brynmor's Annex

  • Home of Boi From Aus's Oceanic Division of Clan Short
  • One of the Founding Sites of the Fort Family (Under original version as AC Annex)
  • Under New Management: Brynmor

Bent & Twisted

  • The home of Multimapper
  • CSU stories, fanfic, and other stories by Multimapper
  • Alternate site (With same content) Broken Bard

The Mustard Jar

  • Ronyx, and his site The Mustard Jar, has long been a friend of the Fort Family, and we are very glad that he has joined us. Ronyx has quite a few stories dealing with teenagers and the angst, they experience while growing up. He has some awesome stories, so please check them out.

The Padded Room 

  • The Padded Room hosted by The Asylum Warden and Graphics Wizard Akeentia.
  • Home to Akeentia's Operant Unconscious Project, Ark and more.
  • Also home to Str8mayb's Haven Universe Stories, Pertinax's Dermot and many other fine stories.

Cracker's Den 

  • Cracker's Den hosted by Crackerwriter author of Love at First Bite and others.
  • Also home to The Radio Rancher's The Shimmering Ship and Rocco Paperiello's Two Boys and many other stories.
  • Crackerwriter May 25, 2012 Requiescat in pace


  • Fort Readers Event District
  • Home of all things eventy and special features.

True's Fandom

  • The home of True Fan's Stories
  • Priorities, Zal Nim and True's Poems.
  • Home to some of his friends' stories as well.

Comicality's Shack Out Back Mirror Site

  • The home of original stories by Comicality
  • News directly from The Shack
  • Updated often to keep the Fort Family caught up with everything going on in The Shack.

The Gone From Daylight: BloodBank

  • The home of Original and Fan Created works based on Comicality's Hit Story: Gone From Daylight

Ted Louis' Bookshelf

  • Welcome to the Home of Stories by Ted Louis and Other Selected Authors
  • Home to Joel by Ted Louis a Golden Semicolon Award Winner.
  • Home to Felix P. of After the Game Fame.

Neighborly Sites

  • Welcome! This is my little collection of stories that include some stories related to the Clan Short Universe, a variety of FanFiction works and even a few completely original pieces. Please be aware that some of the stories may include same-gender adult situations and naughty language. If you're not offended by such things, please come in and enjoy.